Two things I can promise:


1. While all other parts of Uganda are renowned for big plantations of everything from pineapples to barley, our region Busoga isn’t known for any, except sugarcane, a crop that has only bred more poverty due to monoculture, and more hunger, yet sugarcane can’t be eaten as food.

If you could help us develop this plant,

My goal is to ensure that, by the time I exit this planet, every part of Busoga is renowned for large plantations of crops that can both be eaten as food, and which can thus help improve food security (cassava; sorghum; maize; pineapples; mangoes; oranges, passion fruits etc), while at the same time placing the ultra poor on a self-sustainable path from poverty, with ready markets for their produce at harvest.

2. Most rural poor households in our region are people who simply have nothing, but who are very willing to use their own hands to move themselves from poverty, if only they had access to reliable markets. If you could help us develop even only part of this plant, you will be proud of the work that we will do on the grip of poverty in our region.