Published articles:

1). I have seen how top-down solutions condemn the world’s poorest to eternal poverty – The Guardian (written January 13, 2023). Link.

2).  As a poor Ugandan farmer, white and black people ignore my advice on poverty – The Guardian (written February 9, 2021). Link.

3). Where I live even 100 people cannot raise the money for one funeral – The Guardian (written January 1, 2020). Link.


Other articles:

1). A question for all black people on earth (Nov 15, 2023). Link.

(This message is based on the fact that, while the world may be very good at keeping the black man on the sidelines, we black people ourselves have also totally never had a culture of working together. To me, this is even more incapacitating because true change for a given people cannot come exclusively from other people. It can only come from those people themselves working together. But working together is a trait we black people have simply never had. And now, it is only us black people who have remained the symbol of human misery).

2). Help us end extreme poverty the UNHUMANLY way (campaign). (Written March 20, 2023). Link.

3). Effective altruism is worse than traditional philanthropy in the way it excludes the extreme poor in the global south (Dec 3, 2022). Link.

4). Covid-19 was, and still is, humanity’s final reminder to change the way we end global poverty. (written Nov 29, 2022).  Link.

5). The darkest side of global development (December 1, 2022). Link.


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3). The Rich Have Their Own Ethics: Effective Altruism & the Crypto Crash. (February 25, 2023). Video (watch at 33.47).

4). Worshiping the elevated rational choices of the rich is no way to a better world. (written December 21, 2022).  Link.

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