Dear humanity — the human family as a whole:

have a small favor to ask of you, and I am down on my knees.

I am asking you to help me put my remaining time on earth to use, to broker some lasting change where I live.

Specifically, I am requesting you to help me create only one lasting solution, to stem the ever-resurgent grip of poverty in my region, in my remaining time on earth.

I live in a part of the world where poverty is intense. Poverty is beyond words. The level of destitution that local households here are facing, is simply inexpressible. I am asking humanity as a whole, to help me use my remaining time on earth to rein in the yoke of poverty in this place.

Please be the reason I will leave behind an unlikely solution, by an unlikely creator (i.e. myself), and in an unlikely part of the planet, by the time I am gone. Help me accomplish something that a typical rural poor African like me wouldn’t normally accomplish, all because of you!